Editor's Corner

"Inciter of hate and violence...extremist"...Me?!

As the publisher of a patriotic, conservative website, I keep a close ear to what is happening in our country and on the world stage in the arenas of the culture at large, faith/religious issues, politics, and much more. When and where I see things that are counter to our civilization, I do my very best to distill it in easy to understand language and bring it to the attention of my readers.  

My style is very much no holds barred and I am not afraid to tackle any topic.  Be it the constant open attacks on Christianity and Judaism, the shredding of our Constitution and the many other forms of treason that have become rampant in our government, the shoddy treatment of our troops and veterans, the spreading islamization of our country, the horror of abortion, the increasing sexualization of our children and the never ending sexual depravity that we are constantly bombarded with, same sex marriage, the emerging evil in places like Oklahoma, and any number of issues that are fraying the fabric of our society. 

Sometimes the truth of my brutally direct, honest opinions is questioned by the occasional detractor, of which I have my share.  I might add, I am very excited to have them, because it means that while people may not always agree with me, they are reading and thinking about what I have to say; and that is critical.

Which brings me to the subject of today’s monologue.  Normally I am unfazed by negative comments; however, on Thursday, my day started with a message from a 'reader,’ which stated among other things that, "…your periodical, while you stand behind your freedom of press, insights hate and violence.”  It went on say, "…your column posts half-truths and young impressionable people unfortunately get caught up in it.”

Being confused, I politely questioned this, and the response was merely a repeat of the original with some added comments, "…you insight hate, post false information…you are a right wing extremist and your type is dangerous.”  "You remind of the KKK.”  


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