Dominique Gayle Feldman

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Dominique Galyle Feldman, Business Editor for The Patriots Press, is a journalist and public relations professional based in Boca Raton, Florida.

With extensive experience in political reporting and analysis, Dominique has branched out into business journalism and is working as a researcher with publications such as Latin Trade Magazine in Miami.  Paralleling her political journalism, Dominique has been directly involved in Florida politics personally and through her corporation, Dominique Media Group.

She became an exceptional tennis player, participating throughout her precollege and college days, and while in college she turned professional and continued that work for some time after she completed her degrees. She is still involved in athletics and sports, and has worked as a tennis instructor and as a physical trainer.

Additionally, Dominique always finds the time to be there and care for her two children. She is very close with the rest of her family as well, both immediate and extended. She is also as good a friend as anyone could ever have.

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