So long Jodi Fowler...Rest in Eternal Peace

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Obituaries

Of late, I’ve lost a lot of friends to the 'Grim Reaper.’  Most of them I’ve known face to face, had a chance to pray, break bread, or maybe smoke a cigar with; some I’ve only been blessed to know as well as one can know an individual that was met online.

Jodi Fowler was such an individual.  She and I 'knew’ each other for a number of years via the new 'neighborhood’ of Social Media.  We shared stories, thoughts, and friends; we wrote and shared information on each other’s websites; we even talked on the phone a couple of times.

Jodi had often talked about taking a ride to South Florida and meeting me and a whole bunch of mutual friends; however God had other plans in mind for all of us and it just never materialized.

Not even a month ago, Jodi fell ill.  Many of us prayed corporately and did our best to keep our spirits high believing that she would bounce back and be just as strong as ever.

Sadly for all of us, that wasn’t in His planning.  Our friend, our sister in Christ; Jodi Fowler went home just as we were beginning to celebrate Christmas last week.

I know that she is now pain free and dancing with her beloved Rusty; however her passing has left a hole for a lot of people.

Jodi, it could be tomorrow or who knows when on our earthly clocks, but only a blink of an eye in Eternity before a lot of us get to sit down and dine at His table with you.  Until then, you will be greatly missed.

Until we do finally meet and I have a chance to introduce you around, rest well my friend.  Like so many of my friends, you simply got to be with Jesus before me.  

See you 'soon.’