Allen West Thanks Supporters at Stuart BBQ

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Local News

Stuart, FL.  Allen West showed all of his normal class and finesse tonight.  About 400 of his supporters, and a few suspected detractors that I spoke with, turned out to take part in a BBQ that the Congressman put on to show his very real appreciation for all of the hard work during the recent campaign.  

After greeting and chatting with many of the well-wishers present, the Congressman asked if anyone had said a blessing over the meal and event.  Hearing that they hadn’t, and in keeping with the kind of man he is, he led all those within earshot in a prayer over the occasion and included a blessing for our nation and our troops.

After the blessing, as he always does, he brought up an important historical event which started sixty-two years ago tomorrow; it surprised the US Corps and lasted almost three weeks.  The event was the Battle of Chosin Reservoir near the beginning of the Korean War which occurred from November 27, through December 13, 1950.  Please click the link for the story from Wikipedia:

The Congressman’s point was that we prevailed, because Americans always prevail, and we will now.  He continued on with a very brief and pointed talk, which is his trademark, and encouraged us to not give up; that this “is not the time to cry over our BBQ.”    

After that excellent bit of motivation, the Congressman took the rest of the time to meet and greet any and all that wanted a photo or just a moment to chat.  At the very end of the evening, he called all of his staff together to thank them and take a few photos.

As far as what his own next step is; he didn’t say.  However I believe one can safely imagine that he will do what any other trained military officer and leader of faith would do, and that is consider and weigh all the options, think things through completely, seek the advice and counsel of those closest to him, and most importantly for him, I believe he will be spending a lot of time in prayer for guidance.