Editor's Corner


Unless you live in a cave in the Highlands of New Guinea or have appeared on Watters' World, you are probably aware that something is brewing in America’s political scene, specifically the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination.

There is also a little farce being played out for the Democrat Nomination; however that choice between being shot or stabbed with its forgone conclusion is a topic for another day.  The only other thing I will say about that race right now is that my cat should be able to beat either of those candidates, so it should not be hard for any other candidate to wipe the floor with them. 

Which brings me back to the Republican debacle.  It doesn’t matter which of the candidates you like or despise, or maybe just tolerate; the big picture is that it looks like the GOP is preparing to subvert the will of many of its members and the rest of We the People via contesting, brokering, or otherwise steering the direction of that race to suit their desired result and agenda.  

For all of the rhetoric to the contrary, they are very aware that a victory over either of the Democrat choices would be a walk in the park for the current front runner, however their desired result is a candidate they can shape and control.

To date, they and the media machine have attempted everything they can to derail the front runner, which has not only failed; each attack has propelled him in the polls.

I might add, this should concern you regardless of your party affiliation or lack thereof because while you may not like the target of all this vitriol, the next time it could and very likely will be your candidate of choice.  They even brought out the two time feckless loser Mitt Romney to attack him which prompted among others, the following questions from me to the Governor.  

Weak as it is, where was that vigor when it was needed?  

How is it you didn’t stand up for yourself, or We the People when you were on the stage debating the current occupant of the White House?  

How come you didn’t even attempt to get a recount when there was certainly doubt as to the veracity of the vote?  

Governor, you displayed not an ounce of intestinal fortitude during your lackluster campaign in 2012, and now suddenly you enter the arena pretending to possess some new found bravado?!  Instead of finally growing a set of cajones and offering to help, you appear to have developed a vagina and your milquetoast carping resembles nothing less than a woman during "that time of the month.”  I can think of nothing more helpful for you to do than shut your whining pie hole and crawl back under the rock you’ve been hiding under these past four years.  At a time in our nation’s history when we desperately need a serious shot of testosterone in the Oval Office, you are assisting those who would conspire against perhaps the only person who might restore the respect of our allies and enemies alike.

In short, you are a petulant little bitch that makes Lindsey Graham look like John Wayne.

In the first place, the Republican race started with way too many hopefuls and took far too long to cull down to a manageable number.  As of press time, we are left with three candidates, of which only two have a chance of garnering the needed support to win the nomination under normal circumstances.  Of those two, only one has the sheer fire in his belly to face off against the expected, if very un-qualified Democrat candidate who should be made to face charges for her litany of crimes, instead of given the opportunity to pardon herself from a seat in the Oval Office.  In the unlikely event that she IS brought to justice before the general election, the Republican nominee should have a very easy time against her opponent for the Democrat nomination; an elderly, misguided communist who has promised the world to a very dumbed down, low information, entitlement minded generation of young people who won’t understand the trap he proposes until it is too late and they are ensnared for life.

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