Editor's Corner

There's a first time for everything...POTUS got something right.

For once POTUS was correct.   When he said "We are not at war with Islam," he was spot on because this is a one sided war in which we are not effectively engaging the enemy; an enemy that is and has been waging war against us and the west for centuries.  It only seems like mere decades due to the advent of instantaneous mass media and the increasing ferocity of the enemy.

To put the failings of our current and recent leadership in perspective, I think it’s time for a little history lesson.  On December 8, 1941, the day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the nation and, after laying out a litany of other offenses and attacks in the immediate hours after that attack, asked Congress for a Declaration of War: 

Imagine if you would the reaction of the American public had FDR stated, “…we are not at war with Japan?!” Clearly, he and all Americans knew and understood that Japan was at war with us and was intent upon our destruction!  God only knows what would have happened had we not taken immediate and decisive action against them and accordingly, the Axis Powers.  

Imagine further what the sentiment of the nation would have been had FDR surrounded himself with Japanese and/or Nazis and placed others of them in the Pentagon?!  It is not much of a stretch to assume that our military high command back then would have forcibly removed him from office and imprisoned him in Leavenworth for treason. There’s a thought regarding some of our “leaders” today! 

America, we along with the rest of the West have been tested and found lacking.  Our common enemy has gotten away with much; they blew up our Marine Barracks in Lebanon, they almost sank the USS Cole, they attacked the WTC, not once but twice, finally bringing it down, and they have been allowed to infiltrate our society and culture at every level.  It is impossible to count the attacks and other heinous acts around the planet before and since 9/11.  

Even if we don’t have the collective resolve that would force our leadership to state emphatically that we are indeed at war and engage, we should at very least be defending ourselves at all costs against acts of war perpetrated against us at home and elsewhere.  And we are not!  

Instead, without a shred of common sense, we continue to maintain a “Chamberlainesque” policy of aiding and abetting this enemy on every front to the point of refusing to even name it.  We fund them, arm them, talk to them endlessly, now discuss offering them jobs, and release those we have captured only to find them back on the battlefield.  All the while, this enemy has patiently studied us and infiltrated us, they have been successful in learning our laws and using them against us, they have entrenched themselves into our schools and textbooks, they are in our Congress, on our courts, and they are close advisors to our president.      

Sure we know a lot of the names and faces of their leaders, however, we see most of the “soldiers” wearing hoods and masks, so we don’t know if the next day they are the guy sitting next to us on the bus, standing in front of a classroom, or a guest in the Oval Office.

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