Editor's Corner


I’ve been thinking about what took place in Garland, TX over the weekend, and I’ve been listening to the talking heads and pundits, “conservative” and “liberal” alike.  I expected the left to spew their normal pandering drivel, because somehow they still think we can all just sit around a campfire and sing “kumbaya” with people that would slice our heads off.  What surprises me is the coddling posture taken by some in the “conservative” camp.  I won’t honor them by mentioning their names, however the comments have ranged from things like, “…it didn’t prove anything,” “…it didn’t serve any purpose,” “…it could have gone horribly wrong,” and lots of other nonsense.  

I beg to differ.  It served to prove that there are some people in our country that do not respect our laws and Constitution.  It showed that our press, some of the people that have the most to lose, think that the rest of us should put the 1st Amendment on hold so as not to “entice anyone to violence.”  What a crock!  The truth is that the press has become scared to death of one particular group because many members of that group are known to become enraged to the point of violent murder if someone so much as mentions bacon and the koran in the same sentence, let alone draw a picture of mohammed.  

Those same gutless wonders in the media not only didn’t mind when a bust of Jesus was put in a urine filled jar and called art; no sir, they all pointed to the 1st Amendment.  The truth is, it didn’t bother them much because they know that Christians, while we despise such things, aren’t of the mindset to do violence and murder because of it.  What point did that depiction make you fake heroes of the media?

Beyond the obvious and shallow cowardice in the media I have this to say to all muslims, jihadi or not.  

How dare you?!  How dare you that call yourselves peaceful allow such animals to run amok in your communities while you do nothing?!  How dare you infiltrate our culture and schoolbooks with your lies and propaganda?!  You don’t like us in the US and the West, we get that.  

While you commit or simply allow by your gutless silence some of the most unspeakable, heinous, demonic atrocities ever witnessed in the history of mankind in the name of your god, you refer to our ally Israel as the “little satan,” and the United States as the “big satan.”  The list of terror acts committed against we in the west by men and women shouting “allahu ackbar” dates back to the very beginnings of the United States when your pirates were attacking our ships on the Barbary Coast.  As witness to that, our Marines are still called “Leathernecks” to this day because they had to wear thick leather neck protection to prevent those pirates, who were muslims, from decapitating them.  

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