The Holidays Are Alive At City Place

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Local News

The Holidays are here.  We took a walk around City Place in West Palm Beach tonight, looked at the lights on the Christmas Tree on the south side of the Himmel Theatre, grabbed a bite at Brewzzi’s, watched the snow fall a couple of times…that sort of thing.

Wait a minute!  I just mentioned West Palm Beach and snow fall in the same sentence; how is that possible?  Well, it just is, and it does…every night at 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00 on the hour, it snows in the court yard for about 10 minutes adding just a nice bit of magic to the Holiday Season.  Adults and children alike come down to sit and wait for the next ‘storm’ to start.

After my dinner, I met and spoke with several families.  Christopher had some business to attend to, so he and bride Shana came down for the day and brought their little guy Connor to view the lights, take in the evening scenery, and cruise around ‘The Island’ tomorrow.  

Next I spoke with Robin and George, who along with her visiting children Joe and Amanda, and Amanda’s boyfriend Brian, were also just strolling along, window shopping, and just having a blast.  Right about the time I met up with them, the ‘snow’ was accompanied by some real rain, and just for a moment I was transported back to my days up in Boston around Quincy Market.  All we needed to complete that moment was a chilling breeze.

And before heading away, I couldn’t help but notice two adorable three year old twins named Kylie and Kamryn who, along with their older sister Kendra had been nice enough to bring mom and dad, (Aimee and Walter) down to watch the festivities and lights as well.

City Place is always very inviting.  At this time of year, it is a wonderful place to visit, stroll around, and maybe have a bite at any of the dozens of eateries, or just do some old fashioned people watching with friends.  Besides, there’s nothing like a good blizzard in the middle of West Palm Beach.