Editor's Corner

 THE ROAD TO 45...

As I’m wont to do, I’ve been looking around the political scene a lot lately and I thought I’d put my thoughts together regarding who will become the forty-fifth president and find themselves with the unenviable, next to impossible task of cleaning up the staggering mess left by number forty-four and some of his predecessors.

I see the choice we are left with very simple really; and I look at it through two different set of lenses.  The first lens is my secular side as follows.

For the most part, except in some cases to make note of when some of the candidates exited the race, and then only on various social media, I didn’t have much to say about the election during the primaries.  Now that that circus is in the rear view mirror, the race is down to a manageable size and I can focus on the two remaining choices.

Since Hillary is almost certainly going to be the Democrat nominee, that is to say except in the very unlikely event that she is actually brought to justice this summer which would effectively end her campaign, I won’t even mention her equally bad, if not worse, socialist opponent Sen. Sanders again.

Besides the two real candidates, there is one other that few have ever heard of, but who seems to enjoy being a spoiler in the race just to take a few votes from the other candidates.  I actually met him during the last election cycle in a small group setting and asked him a couple of simple questions; one of which, a question about the use of Sharia Law in the US, he blatantly tried to dodge.  When pressed, he made a complete ass of himself with a nonsensical and un-informed reply to which the gathering started just groaning and shouting at him.  I might add, my friend Tom Trento of The United West caught his lack of knowledge on video the next day which you can view here.

I will not give him publicity by mentioning his name; only that he is running as a Libertarian and it is only a matter of time to see which of the real candidates he affects the most.  Although, he’ll probably hurt Clinton more for which I thank him.     

Moving on to the real candidates; on the Democrat side we have a woman, a political machine really, who if not for the fact that she is married to a former president, dubious as he was and continues to be, in my humble opinion, nobody would have ever heard of her except that maybe her criminal activities might have been the basis of a crime show. 

In any case, I think it only fair to write a brief resume highlighting some of her worst stuff, so that I’m not accused of just despising her for no real reason.  There is obviously a whole lot more.  

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