More Regs for Federal Contractors

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Publisher’s note:  With each stroke of his mighty pen and each of his dubious phone calls, I get more and more convinced of his total commitment of our demise.  The main job of the potus is to protect and defend the nation.  While failing miserably at that via his incessant neutering of our military and pandering to our circling enemies, he busies himself implementing his dictatorial agenda.

In this latest assault on American business, he is forcing Federal Contractors, who are already greatly burdened with over-reaching compliance regulations, to supply information as to salary comparisons between genders and races.  While this may sound like no big deal to the casual observer, it is very costly for business and allows for massive skewing of data within the government agencies.  For example, such regulations very often don’t take into account such things as the longevity of employment of many individuals, and merely focus on the agendized intent of the regulation.  

Failure to comply or errors in reporting can result in huge fines to companies that are often already struggling.

Fox News:  President Obama is imposing his policies directly on federal contractors.  This week, he will sign an executive order that would prohibit federal contractors from retaliating against employees who discuss their pay with each other. The prohibition on the wage "gag rules" is similar to language in a Senate bill aimed at closing a pay gap between men and women. That legislation is scheduled for a vote this week, though it is not likely to pass.

In addition, Obama on Tuesday will direct the Labor Department to adopt regulations requiring federal contractors to provide compensation data based on sex and race. The president will sign the executive order and the presidential memo during an event at the White House where he will be joined Lilly Ledbetter, whose name appears on a pay discrimination law Obama signed in 2009.

This week's steps showcase Obama's efforts to take action without congressional approval and illustrate how even without legislation, the president can drive policy on a significant segment of the U.S. economy. At the same time, it also underscores the limits of his ambition when he doesn't have the backing of Congress for his initiatives.

Republicans maintain that Obama is pushing his executive powers too far and that he should do more to work with Congress. His new executive orders are sure to prompt criticism that he is placing an undue burden on companies and increasing their costs.

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Democrats and Harry Reid's dirty deeds

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The double standards must stop.  Starting with Harry Reid and throughout the ranks of the democrat party, there is a wave of corruption and scandalous behavior that couldn’t be made up by the best author of political fiction.  Any non-democrats would be mercilessly hounded and ostracized by the left and the media for the slightest infractions like these; however, somehow Senator Harry Reid and the rest think they are above it all.  

It's almost like they're trying to take the focus off the scandals of potus and his corrupt Eric Holder led DOJ.

Let me highlight a couple of them.

U.S. Sen. Reid has donated $17,000 to a family member’s campaign prompting among other things this petition on

CA State Sen. Leland Yee caught up in alleged gun running, (must have learned that from potus and Eric Holder) and gang activities.

The list goes on and on, and many others, such as the recent case of “Mr. Sen. Feinstein” and the shady Post Office Real Estate deal have been swept under the ‘memory’ rug.

Fox News has a more comprehensive list of what has gone on lately, and you can read it here.

My friends, I urge you all to take a good look at all of this and ask yourself why.  Why do we allow this to go on?  Do we collectively think this doesn’t affect us personally and individually?  

I’m here to say it does, and it must stop!  It doesn’t matter if the individual is a democrat, republican, independent, libertarian, or any other label.  Rules are rules and they must apply to all or none.

The question remains whether public sentiment will be sufficient to make changes in November or not.















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Issa chastises Cummings with letter

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Publisher's note:  While I'm in complete agreement with Mr. Issa as to how he conducted himself during the latest 'testimony' of Lois Lerner, We the People are still no closer to getting to the bottom of the IRS targeting conservatives, and Lois Lerner is no closer to jail.  

The other day I saw something that said, loosely paraphrased:

"Every time there is a major event on an issue, the news reports say something like, "the democrats scored a major victory today," or "the republicans soundly defeated the democrats today."  Well, screw the democrats and the republicans.  The real question that needs to be asked when the dust settles each and every time is "did the American people win or lose today."

It seems to me it was a good day for Mr. Issa and republicans, and not such a good day for Mr. Cummins and democrats; but it didn't effect us one iota.

Fox News:  Republican Rep. Darrell Issa has penned a personal, scathing letter to his Democratic counterpart on the House oversight committee, escalating the public feud between the two high-ranking lawmakers amid the committee's investigation into IRS targeting. 

The letter to Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., top Democrat on that committee, was obtained by Fox News. In it, Issa countered, point by point, a series of claims that Cummings and two legal experts made earlier this week about whether former IRS official Lois Lerner could be held in contempt for refusing to testify. 

Issa went further, effectively accusing Cummings of running interference on behalf of his party and the administration. 

"... rather than pursuing the facts where they lead -- which is the function of effective congressional oversight -- you have made yourself an obstacle  to effective congressional oversight, in effect, a defense counsel for Lerner and others who acted to deprive Americans of their constitutionally-guaranteed rights," the committee chairman wrote. 

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'Crash and Burn' Clause

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Publisher's note:  As the spin and whittling down of the unaffordable train wreck known as ACA continues to unfold, this lastest exemption provides more proof of just how poorly conceived this law has been from the beginning.  It begs the question of why not just admit the total failure of ACA and add it to the pile of wasted money spent by this administration?  

Fox News:  In what might be the death knell for ObamaCare's most controversial component -- the individual mandate to buy insurance -- the administration has added a mega-exemption that critics say would allow virtually anybody to skirt the rule. 

"The door's wide open," economist Doug Holtz-Eakin told Fox News. "[The] mandate which they said was absolutely crucial to ObamaCare is falling apart day by day." 

House Speaker John Boehner said the latest change, made ahead of the March 31 enrollment deadline, applies to "essentially everyone." 

The most recent exemption appears to have been included last week, in an ObamaCare application document. There already had been 13 distinct exemptions, but this document added one more. 

The document said that individuals can now qualify for a "hardship exemption" -- meaning they would not have to pay a penalty for not buying insurance -- if they "experienced another hardship in obtaining health insurance." 

The document does not define what "another hardship" means, and suggests the administration might not be a stickler when it comes to proof either. It says anyone seeking this exemption should "submit documentation if possible." 

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No road for Alaskans...

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Publisher's note:  This story really got to me!  It's simple enough really; a small, very remote fishing village in Alaska...where US Citizens live, work, and play, has being denied an emergency road for over three decades.  These people are not asking for another Al/Can Highway, they're asking for a very simple, much needed 11 mile gravel access road that would lead to a year round airport. Not so they can jet set around the planet, but so they can get to emergency medical facilities when needed.  

Since they started this quest, nineteen of their friends and family members have died because they couldn't get through to said medical facilities.  During the most recent plea for this road in August of last year, Interior Secretary  Sally Jewel, (not an elected official, I might add) stated after listening to the stories of the locals, "...I’ve listened to your stories, now I have to listen to the animals.”  

Excuse me?!  Once again, a very heartless, over-reaching political appointee has decided that human life is not as important as some trumped up hazard to wildlife or the environment.  Perhaps recognizing the medical aspects of this need, Secretary Jewel felt it doesn't fall in line with her boss' ACA.  

While I'm no expert on such matters, I would suggest the State of Alaska invoke the 10th Amendment and simply build the road themselves.

Fox News:  In one of Alaska's most remote outposts, where a thousand hardy souls make their homes, the Obama administration has put the fate of birds and bears above the lives of people, blocking construction of an 11-mile gravel trail connecting a tiny fishing hamlet to a life-saving airport. 

For more than three decades the predominantly Aleut fishing community of King Cove has been fighting to build a one-lane,gravel track connecting the Cove to the nearby hamlet of Cold Bay. What they have gotten is 30 years of flat-out federal refusals or stall tactics.

Cove residents say a road is necessary so they can reach an all-weather airport in Cold Bay that will transport them to Anchorage, about 625 miles away, for medical treatment. They say that in emergency situations, it's a matter of life and death. 

Late last year, though, the Department of Interior announced it was rejecting plans for a proposed land swap that would allow the road to be built. The Dec. 23 decision cited the negative environmental impact on grizzly bears, caribou and water fowl like the Pacific black brant.

“(Interior Secretary Sally Jewell’s) decision on King Cove was heartless and wrong, and her message to me ever since has been that I need to ‘just get over it and move on,’” Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, told “She thinks it’s over because she’s made her decision. But it’s not done. And it is not going to be done until those people have access to safety.”

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