Focus On The Current Issues, Not The Locker Room...!

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What the hell is going on…?!  Donald Trump is arguably the most colorful candidate to ever get more primary votes than any other Republican in history.  His message has resonated with many because he says what millions of us have been calling for over the past seven and a half years and more.  

Now suddenly in an instant, the media has completely turned the focus from real issues such as what Mr. Trump’s opponent allowed to happen in Benghazi, the flat out murder of our Seals on Extortion 17, the breach of national defense via her personal email server and the destruction of over 30,000 emails containing evidence of her treason; her desire to import hundreds of thousands of “refugees” which is really an invasion force, her promised widening of our already porous borders, what will happen to our Supreme Court and the entire federal judiciary if she is elected, her corrupt pay to play foundation and what it has done in places like Haiti while enriching her, laughing about the rape of a child after she got the offender off the hook, her racist admiration of the likes of Robert “KKK” Byrd and Margaret “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population” Sanger.  And let’s not forget her mentor Saul Alinsky.  The list goes on and on.

And why…?!  Just because Donald Trump said some dumb stuff over ten years ago; the same kind of dumb stuff lots of men and women talk and joke about in locker rooms and toilets everywhere.

Look, do I think that sort of trash talk is just fine and dandy..?  No, I do not; but I also do not understand why this is an issue given the things that Bill and Hillary have both said behind closed doors when cameras were still rolling, especially in light of the real issues listed above.  Have we forgotten the behavior of Bill Clinton in the Oval Office with a certain intern and his lies about it…?

Mr. Trump is hated by the establishment of both parties because of his no nonsense stance on real issues facing America.  We cannot and must not allow this latest distraction to derail his bid for the presidency; too much is at stake.  

The drumbeat of #neverhillary must become louder than ever. 

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Round One, The Tactical Debate...

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So, along with a great group of friends and patriots in Lake Worth, FL and around America, I watched the much anticipated great debate last night.  I have to admit that I was at first less than thrilled by what I saw because I really wanted to see Mr. Trump come out swinging and take advantage of the multiple opportunities he had to nail his opponent to the wall.

I didn’t like the way Lester Holt was so in the tank for Trump’s opponent that he didn’t bring up any hot button issues such as Benghazi, Extortion 17, emails, the foundation, foreign money, the Iran deal, or any of a myriad of issues that any journalist worth his or her salt should have asked; instead choosing to harp on Mr. Trump’s taxes, the ‘birther’ thing, and other non-issues related to Mr. Trump.  

All day long I asked myself why Mr. Trump didn’t swing more often and harder, or even just take over the show and start asking the questions himself; instead of just taking it all on the chin.  Then it hit me…!

Mr. Trump brilliantly bit his tongue a lot for a number of reasons.  In doing so, he showed a very presidential temperament, he allowed yet another biased, leftist journalist to show their true stripes, and he now has everyone sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see what he’s going to do leading up to and during the next debates as he closes on his November victory.  

Think about it; why should he go all in with the darts and arrows quite this early when it makes much more sense to lower the boom on all of her shenanigans just before the election when it will be fresh on people’s mind..?  There is plenty of time fillet and fry her over the next several weeks, and there is a ton of bad news following her around like a rabid dog trying to bite her in the pant suit to help with that.

In short, the guy that won this writer’s vote way back in the early spring of 2015 during a speech at the Tea Party Convention in South Carolina before he even announced he was running still has my vote and full support after a brilliant tactical evening.  

Now, if only we could get a real moderator on the stage.  Some of the short list of names I’ve come up with are Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Michael Savage, Dan Bongino, Mark Levin, Eric Bolling, Jeanine Pirro, and Ann Coulter to name a few.    

Anyway, that’s my take on the first debate.  Stay tuned America and watch as a brilliant man turns up the heat as only he can over the next several weeks and slides to the biggest political upset in US History.

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Bare Knuckles Mr. Trump...

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A short and simple, open note to Donald Trump regarding tomorrow evening’s debate.  

We the People are in your corner Mr. Trump and we’ve got your six all the way to Election Day and your swearing in ceremony.  Go in there tomorrow and let her have it between the eyes, one issue at a time.  Be professional, but don’t hold back any punches; don’t leave anything in the tank.  Also, don’t be afraid to bring up anything embarrassing or laughable; and absolutely throw the knockout punch if and when she drops her guard for that split second.  Stay away from the school yard antics and just use straightforward facts delivered as only you can.  That will bloody her nose perfectly and win the day.  

During the last cycle, we had a milquetoast, non-candidate that none of us really liked on that stage that was afraid to throw a punch, and he got his butt handed to him by a far lessor man, both on the stage and in November.  

Tomorrow night, you can and should win a lot of undecideds and even win over many more of her zombies.  You can do this; tens of millions of us will be watching, rooting, and praying.

Here’s to your landslide victory in November Mr. President.

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An Easy Choice In Florida's 18th US Congressional District...

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I just finished watching an agonizing hour or more of clips of which you can view the complete version here, or a shorter clip herefeaturing the two candidates running for Florida’s 18th US Congressional District seat.  Yes, I know there are really three, but in reality the very soft spoken and pleasant Carla Spaulding is merely an also ran involved in a race that is light years beyond her ability to win.  If I had to guess, I would say she was placed in the race by the Perkins team.  BTW, here is the response of a veteran from Texas to Mr. Perkins.

I say agonizing because throughout the video, the Democrat candidate Randy Perkins, who obviously cannot control his very annoying and overbearing personality, and was allowed to rant and rave unrestrained by the moderators, did nothing but attempt to talk over, discredit, and otherwise challenge the integrity and honesty of the always cool and collected Republican candidate Brian Mast.  

Amazingly, after almost an hour of spewing his standard Democrat tripe and trying to get a sound bite out of Brian Mast, when asked who he supports for president, Mr. Perkins responded by saying he supports Hillary Clinton.  Imagine that; a man like Brian Mast has his integrity and honesty questioned by a man who supports her, a woman incapable of telling the truth about anything..?!  Forget that he said during the video that he would turn the switch to print money for seniors if necessary, as if printing money is something new for Democrats; does anyone really need to know anything more about a candidate that supports Hillary Clinton…?!  

On the other hand, Republican candidate Brian Mast maintained his very professional demeanor at all times and never once attempted to rudely speak over Mr. Perkins.  Brian’s obvious command of the issues and how he is prepared to tap into his military experience to tackle them speaks volumes for the man and his qualifications for this seat.

I will leave this for now with an open question to Mr. Perkins.  After your failed attacks on Brian Mast and subsequent spoken support of Hillary Clinton, who do you think you’re kidding…?

The seat you are seeking is being vacated by the man who took it after what was arguably the most contentious case of voter “abuse,” (I’m being kind) this writer has ever witnessed, and who will hopefully be searching for private sector work right after the election.  The only real difference I see between you and that bottom feeding rat is your age.  

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My Selections For The Elections...

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Well, here it is, my much anticipated, if a little late, list of selections for the upcoming election and races in my immediate area where I vote. While some of the choices were difficult, others were no brainers, and I believe that both of my readers will find the list in keeping with my views.  

I didn’t cover every race because in the end, I am not familiar with every candidate in every race, and while I’m an Independent, I just don’t know many of the democrats in races where there are no other choices.  The best I can offer about those races is to do some homework and choose the one whose stances you find least offensive.

Races, Selections, and Reasons…

US Senator: Marco Rubio.  I have never been a fan of Sen. Rubio really, but the reality is that he will be the Republican Candidate and will face off against the very liberal and leftist Patrick Murphy in an already very close race.  Under no set of circumstances should Patrick Murphy be allowed to remain in Washington.

US Rep. Dist. 18: Brian Mast.  Few candidates have ever had my confidence and respect like Brian Mast does.  We need him in DC.

Fl. State Rep #85: Andrew Watt.  In reality, I don’t know Mr. Watt, however this selection is based on the opinions of people I trust.

Rep State Committeeman:  Tough choice between Joe Budd and Peter Feaman.  I know both of these very honorable, decent men and I only wish they both could serve.  Either of them will be fantastic.  

Circuit Court Judge, Group 1:  Robert Ostrov.  I don’t know Mr. Ostrov, but I have heard a lot of good stuff about him from those I trust.

PBC Sheriff:  Roscoe Sessa.  Ric Bradshaw has just become too controversial and at very least gives the impression of corruption.  For my money, he needs to retire.  It’s time for a change, and I believe Mr. Sessa will shake things up in that department.

Property Appraiser:  Dorothy Jacks.  I don’t know much about Dorothy, but Shelley Vana has been on the public payroll far too long.

Supervisor of Elections:  Christine Spain.  For my money, Susan Bucher should not be allowed the public trust at any level, let alone such an important role.

Question #4:  No!  If for no other reason, it reads like just another convoluted government over-reach, and a way to increase taxes.

President of the US:  Donald Trump.  As I’ve said many times, I don’t really believe anyone with any team can pull us out of the mess we are in, however if it is possible, Donald Trump is the only one that can.  His opponent deserves to be in jail, and I hope that he directs his DOJ to go after her and several others from the current regime.  That would certainly help re-instill some much needed confidence in government.


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