The horror of abortion and the holocaust

Written by Jesus Alaniz on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher’s note:  Once again, our friend Mr. Jesus Alaniz has delivered an excellent discussion on a hot topic.  In very clear, concise terms, Jesus compares the horror of abortion and the politicians that heartlessly justify it for personal gain against those who stood tall against the Nazis while they murdered of millions of Jews during the Holocaust.

Jesus Alaniz:  Speak up for the unborn…

I’m vexed by the politicians who attempt to justify the murder of innocents to buy votes from that "choice” demographic.  Abortion a "social issue”?  I suppose if a home invader can be classified as "part of the family.”  If rape and incest be the instruments for its preservation I would then suggest that America has a rape and incest problem.  "Her body, her choice.”  Is it her 'choice’ when 'he’ demands that she either gets an abortion or he leaves?  Privacy?  It is if my tax dollars aren’t used to fund this heinous act.  I often wonder what the world thinks of us when they see these places and wonder if future generations will ever look at them as they look at Bełżec, Dachau, or Auschwitz. Will they ask "Why didn’t they speak out?”  Will we use the excuse "the law was the law at the time” to justify our silence?  

Oskar Schindler took great risks to save 1,200 Jews from death in concentration camps. German and anti-Nazi theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer was hung to death just two weeks before the allies liberated the camp where he was held prisoner. Among his crimes was his refusal to write religious propaganda justifying the horrendous and murderous acts of the Third Reich.  It was Bonhoeffer who warned “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.  Not to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.”  

Then there’s theologian & Pastor Martin Niemöller another anti-Nazi and outspoken critic of Adolf Hitler who also criticized German intellectuals for remaining silent on the Nazi’s atrocities.  It was Niemöller who said, "First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak for me.”  Niemöller spent seven years in a Nazi prison before the Reich collapsed.

There are those who say that I should surrender any idea of having a political career for taking such a strong position on the subject.  John 15: 18-19, (NIV) reads "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.  If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own.  As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.”

Our nation and the world need more Jefferson’s, Henry’s, Adams’, Schindler’s, Bonhoeffer’s and Niemöller’s and less political intellectuals who deem the killing of the unborn or infanticide as just another "demographic.”  I do not support pro-choice candidates and will speak for the unborn with the hopes that someday they will speak for me if needed and if they haven’t been aborted.     

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Memorial Day...something to consider

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Publisher’s note:  Rodica Novak escaped Romania many years ago to find the American Dream.  She is a Patriot and fears that America is on the verge of becoming what she left behind so long ago.  

She had some thoughts she wanted to share, and while I did need to do just a little editing, I didn’t touch the essence of what she wants us to know.  Because many of us, myself included, that have never known anything other than the relative cake walk that America is, don’t really have a grasp on what life is like in so many places.  I cannot thank her enough for sharing her heartfelt beliefs as we begin this very solemn weekend of reflection.

Rodica Novak:  My thoughts are about the VA scandal.  In 1980 I came to America legally from a communist country.  I was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1949 and came here to escape from the communist regime…I came here for Freedom!

Freedom is the most important reason why the people like me come to America…freedom!  I work, I pay taxes, I became an American Citizen, and I love this Country very much.  I do know the history of America, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In the past 5 years we have seen a very bitter regime rise up against America, its people, and the very freedoms that so many have fought and died for, and so many refugees still long to get to. 

Let me tell you something, Obama cannot do what he is doing by himself, just as Ceausescu in Romania did not do everything by himself; I call this regime foreign even though many of them are American born.  What is happening today is unacceptable for me. 

America is the land of freedom and everybody wants to come here because of that.  So the question is why do our own Leaders want to give America away?  Monday is Memorial Day and while we have many problems, we have two recent situations unfolding that we need to consider.  The VA scandal is the worst because it affects the men and women we are gathering around the country to remember. 

Let me tell you about military care in communism for a moment; the military hospitals are the best in the Country of Romania.  I know because I was working for the Romanian Airport and it was under military control. I got sick and I have to have a surgery once and they saved my life.  All of the communist countries have the best food and care for their military, and the reason for that is a big difference between the American military and theirs.

The American Military swear an oath to the US Constitution and to protect the country from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  The communist military take the oath to protect the regime and especially the tyrant in charge of it.  This is a huge difference between these two forms of government and the allegiances.  

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America has a God sized problem

Written by Clark J. Jones, Jr. on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher’s note:  Clarke J. Jones, Jr. is a friend of mine.  He is very bright, articulate, to the point, and he has a grasp on our national condition as few among us do.  While he was looking around himself, gathering his thoughts, and contemplating his many blessings recently, he took into account how so much of it is owed to our brave men and women in uniform.

The following brief commentary stems from those recent thoughts, all of which I agree with completely, and especially the very last line, the truth of which just reaches out and grabs the astute reader. 

Clarke J. Jones, Jr.:  This morning I was reflecting upon just how very grateful I am for our military. We are currently invested in a conflict that we can never win, protecting a country of nomadic desert dwellers who despise us. Of course I am referring to Afghanistan.

We entered this barren wasteland as usual with good intentions to route the Taliban and to restore the rule of law, though none had ever been established for thousands of years prior to our involvement there. Thousands of Americans have tearfully stood over the graves of their brave sons and daughters who fell at the hands of savages throughout the rural desert shanti towns there and did so with a sense of duty and purpose, though admittedly we entered this far away killing field with no plan for an end game. 

Exacerbating the issue is our media and their fellow socialistic pacifists on the left who have continually muddied the waters of engagement rules by handicapping our soldiers. All wars are won by killing the enemy and demoralizing him. We have failed miserably in this endeavor and as was the case in Southeast Asia, we will soon be removing our forces, heads hung low as the heretical armies of Allah regain all of the ground that was purchased with American blood.

We have no leadership in this country. It is broken from top to bottom. We have an impostor in the White House, gridlock throughout our polarized house and senate, racial division, dumbed-down education of our youth and total disrespect for our constitution. America has become consumed with pop culture, sexual promiscuity and moral turpitude. 

I have never prayed as earnestly as I have recently for our survival through all of this as a nation, but things simply are not going our way.  Only God can save us at this point.


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One man's gripping story, Darioush Radmanesh

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Publisher’s note:  In this day and age of the government and media managing the news and allowing us only to see what they want us to see, this is a video of a man who managed to escape the very sort of tyranny our own government embraces and is turning into.  

Darioush Radmanesh is an author and a speaker, and like so many, he lived through a hellish nightmare.  In this very short video interview, he explains his story from the heart.  He is one of a relative handful that is doing his best to sound the alarm and warn as many as he can of the real threats we face from a grossly under reported enemy.  You can find his book here.


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“Rotten to the Common Core”

Written by Bill Paterson on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher's note:  Bill Paterson is a very bright, down to earth guy who lives and works in So. Florida. As Chairman of the St. Lucie County Republican Executive Committee, he understands the issue of "Common Core" very well, both politically and as a concerned citizen, and has spelled out his thoughts on the subject very clearly and concisely.  I would ask all my readers to take note of and heed what Mr. Paterson has to say on this very critical issue affecting the future of our children and the educational system in general.

Bill Paterson:  The term “Common Core” might not be familiar to many of you.  If you have children, plan on having children, have grandchildren, hope to have grandchildren or just care about the future of the country, you need to pay attention.  Common Core is the latest of the federal government takeovers, this one targeting education.

Over the past few years we’ve seen what happens when the government takes over an industry, with thousands of pages of new rules, regulations and bureaucracies.  With health care, we were told we needed to pass it before we could see what was in it.  We were told it would expand services and lower costs for everyone.  The truth of the matter is quite the opposite.  

Now, the federal government is promising better test scores through higher standards and a more comprehensively-planned curriculum for your child.  Those behind Common Core can make these claims because the curriculum has been thoroughly tested….nowhere.  This is correct; those pushing the implementation of Common Core nationwide have never tested this new curriculum, at least not outside the minds of well-heeled lobbyists pushing for Common Core on behalf of those positioned to make lots of money from it.  In fact, they were getting States to sign on to Common Core before the standards and curriculum was even written.  Have our elected officials learned nothing from the debacle that the Affordable Care Act has become?

Do we not owe it to our children to fully understand what is in and behind Common Core first, before adopting it?  Shouldn’t this new curriculum be fully vetted before subjecting a generation of children to it?  More importantly, why are we abdicating the responsibility of educating our children to the Federal Government, when we already have education departments at the State level, and locally-elected School Boards?  Education is not and never should be one-size-fits-all.  Education is most effective when there is involvement by the parents in their local schools.  Accepting Common Core is tantamount to accepting education without any kind of representation on behalf of parents, teachers, and your local community.

Ask any teacher passionate about their profession, and they will tell you that no curriculum can take the place of one individual inspiring another.  Most teachers will also tell you that after reviewing the Common Core curriculum and required material, they have serious concerns with it.  They see it as too restrictive, as micro-managing their classroom.  Teachers will be turned into facilitators, lessening their ability to reach the underachiever and inspire the overachiever. 

This is not a partisan issue, as those trumpeting Common Core would like the general public to believe. You can easily dismiss the notion that there are only a few small groups of Tea Partiers, or the extreme right wing of the Republican Party that are against Common Core, then you read that the entire Board of the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT)  has withdrawn its support for Common Core.  “We’ll have to be the first to say it’s failed,” said Richard Iannuzzi, president of the NYSUT, an organization of 600,000 teachers, retired teachers and school professionals.  Trust that the NYSUT will never be confused with the Tea Party.

This is not an isolated incident.  This is happening all over the country, as teachers and parents join forces against this issue.  State after State are opting-out of Common Core, and I believe Florida should follow suit.  We hear about setting our own standards and taking out the data mining of our students that is currently a part of Common Core.  If we do this, then why bother staying in Common Core at all? Once Common Core is fully-implemented, I believe that Federal Law will trump State Law and we will be mandated to comply with all of the law, as well as cover all the unfunded mandates that come with it. As always with the Federal Government, if you take their dime, they get to control your dollar.  

It’s time to act to protect our children, because their future is our future.  It’s time to listen to the People, and not the lobbyists and special interests.  It is time for the State of Florida to opt-out of Common Core.   


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