“Rotten to the Common Core”

Written by Bill Paterson on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher's note:  Bill Paterson is a very bright, down to earth guy who lives and works in So. Florida. As Chairman of the St. Lucie County Republican Executive Committee, he understands the issue of "Common Core" very well, both politically and as a concerned citizen, and has spelled out his thoughts on the subject very clearly and concisely.  I would ask all my readers to take note of and heed what Mr. Paterson has to say on this very critical issue affecting the future of our children and the educational system in general.

Bill Paterson:  The term “Common Core” might not be familiar to many of you.  If you have children, plan on having children, have grandchildren, hope to have grandchildren or just care about the future of the country, you need to pay attention.  Common Core is the latest of the federal government takeovers, this one targeting education.

Over the past few years we’ve seen what happens when the government takes over an industry, with thousands of pages of new rules, regulations and bureaucracies.  With health care, we were told we needed to pass it before we could see what was in it.  We were told it would expand services and lower costs for everyone.  The truth of the matter is quite the opposite.  

Now, the federal government is promising better test scores through higher standards and a more comprehensively-planned curriculum for your child.  Those behind Common Core can make these claims because the curriculum has been thoroughly tested….nowhere.  This is correct; those pushing the implementation of Common Core nationwide have never tested this new curriculum, at least not outside the minds of well-heeled lobbyists pushing for Common Core on behalf of those positioned to make lots of money from it.  In fact, they were getting States to sign on to Common Core before the standards and curriculum was even written.  Have our elected officials learned nothing from the debacle that the Affordable Care Act has become?

Do we not owe it to our children to fully understand what is in and behind Common Core first, before adopting it?  Shouldn’t this new curriculum be fully vetted before subjecting a generation of children to it?  More importantly, why are we abdicating the responsibility of educating our children to the Federal Government, when we already have education departments at the State level, and locally-elected School Boards?  Education is not and never should be one-size-fits-all.  Education is most effective when there is involvement by the parents in their local schools.  Accepting Common Core is tantamount to accepting education without any kind of representation on behalf of parents, teachers, and your local community.

Ask any teacher passionate about their profession, and they will tell you that no curriculum can take the place of one individual inspiring another.  Most teachers will also tell you that after reviewing the Common Core curriculum and required material, they have serious concerns with it.  They see it as too restrictive, as micro-managing their classroom.  Teachers will be turned into facilitators, lessening their ability to reach the underachiever and inspire the overachiever. 

This is not a partisan issue, as those trumpeting Common Core would like the general public to believe. You can easily dismiss the notion that there are only a few small groups of Tea Partiers, or the extreme right wing of the Republican Party that are against Common Core, then you read that the entire Board of the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT)  has withdrawn its support for Common Core.  “We’ll have to be the first to say it’s failed,” said Richard Iannuzzi, president of the NYSUT, an organization of 600,000 teachers, retired teachers and school professionals.  Trust that the NYSUT will never be confused with the Tea Party.

This is not an isolated incident.  This is happening all over the country, as teachers and parents join forces against this issue.  State after State are opting-out of Common Core, and I believe Florida should follow suit.  We hear about setting our own standards and taking out the data mining of our students that is currently a part of Common Core.  If we do this, then why bother staying in Common Core at all? Once Common Core is fully-implemented, I believe that Federal Law will trump State Law and we will be mandated to comply with all of the law, as well as cover all the unfunded mandates that come with it. As always with the Federal Government, if you take their dime, they get to control your dollar.  

It’s time to act to protect our children, because their future is our future.  It’s time to listen to the People, and not the lobbyists and special interests.  It is time for the State of Florida to opt-out of Common Core.   


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Israeli Blogger Schools John Kerry

Written by Paula R. Stern on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher’s note:  This open letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was sent to me in an email and I’ve taken no literary license or abridged a word…because there is no need. The author, Paula R. Stern, states very clearly what every U.S. Citizen with half a brain knows and understands only too well about the current state of U.S. foreign policy and diplomacy; at least where it regards the middle east and our friend Israel.  Without mincing words, she schools him on exactly what has, is, and will continue to happen with the policy of appeasement we so casually use.

We are in grave danger on many fronts, however this administration’s treatment of our allies, and especially Israel, coupled with its appeasement of our enemies amounts to nothing less than a treasonous assault on our own national security.  

I join Mrs. Stern in her no holds barred sentiments to Mr. Kerry and his State Department, and the entire administration.  Well worth the read and share to friends.

Paula R. Stern:  

Dear Secretary of State John Kerry,

Because of my respect for the United States, I will attempt to afford you the honor you think you so richly deserve. It’s hard to speak to you with anything but anger, hard to feel the need, again, to start from the beginning because you clearly choose to ignore history in your quest for glory. It is a quest destined to fail but its outcome, even, or more accurately especially, in failure, will hurt Israel.

Greater men than you have tried to make, to force, peace on the Middle East. I promise you, you will fail too. You will fail because you are not addressing the root cause of the problem. You, like so many before you, take the easy way out. Blame Israel. It is so easy to do, and so stupid.

I could speak to you of history – a history longer and greater than you can imagine. I could speak to you of injustices – yes, our land is filled with the graves of those murdered for the unjust reason that they lived here, or traveled abroad, or ate in the wrong restaurant, or took the wrong bus.

I could speak to you of justice – of a population exchange similar to those that have taken place throughout history as nations settle between war and peace. They left their lands to go there, most voluntarily so that their invading brothers would have a clear path as they pushed the Jews into the sea. And our people, who left their homes and possessions in Arab lands, most forced, not voluntarily, and came here.

We fed our brothers, clothed them, and gave them homes. And most importantly, we loved them and gave them the most precious of gifts – a future, a present, as integral parts of the land and people of this country. My neighbor, the family across the street – they live in the same houses that I do, drive the same cars, attend the same schools. He is an engineer; he is a judge in the courts. She is a nurse; she is a lawyer. All my neighbors, though their grandparents came here with nothing.

And at the same time, across many borders, the Arabs put their “brothers” in refugee camps, all but starved them. They raised them to be embittered – not at those who kept them in squalor, but those they had hoped to defeat. They blame us and you are naive enough to blame us as well?

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Written by Diane Sori on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher’s note:  This is a bit of a departure from the norm for Diane Sori given that she initially posted these words on Facebook; however, it is never the less one of the very gut wrenching first-hand accounts visited upon a family by the ACA, (more commonly known as “obamacare”).  One can only hope that this unconstitutional and tyrannical law is over turned soon so that such stories do not become the norm.

In her own words, Diane highlights the painful tale of a close friend who is losing not only her battle with cancer, but also a major battle with the system.  Not only is this not isolated, it could happen to any of us in a heartbeat.

Diane Sori:  Seething...NO other word for it, and so I had to decompress with today's TEA Party event and gather my wits about me so I could put these words in print without fear that the thoughts running through my mind and onto this computer might just get me a knock on the door.

As most of you know, my dear friend is dying of cancer. Off and on I have been writing about her journey 'home' because my friend...her name by the way is Dori and YES she IS indeed a real person NOT a made-up figment of my imagination that Harry Reid and his ilk...along with some liberal idiots here on fb...claim those in these cancer horror stories are. And YES Dori wants her story told as she and her husband both feel it can help others in a similar situation.

After Wednesday's devastating news that she has but 2 to 6 weeks of life left, one of the major 'end of life' companies here in South Florida (NOT Hospice) was called in to make her journey 'home' as peaceful and pain free as possible. That very same afternoon a hospital bed, a special padded wheelchair, a walker (which is quite ridiculous as she can NO longer stand on her own let alone walk), a bedside commode (again ridiculous), adult diapers (which for my friend's dignity I have asked the nurses to call panties), and the soon to be needed pain meds and anti-seizure meds arrived, and were set-up in the family room...a room full of light where friends and family could visit instead of Dori being locked away in the bedroom.

Now imagine my horror when I walked in on Friday to see her husband fighting back tears as an administrative nurse from the agency told him he could NOT at this point in time have the round the clock nurses her doctors requested or keep the equipment...the very equipment delivered just a few days before.

A doctor from the company had determined on Thursday night that since she could move her leg up a few inches off her hospital bed and that at the moment he examined her that she...contrary to her oncologist and surgeon's time-frame...did NOT have a high enough degree of pain and was somewhat lucid at that moment...that now ALL the equipment would be withdrawn...that the round-the-clock nurses would be withdrawn...to be called in when he determined it was warranted as per the NEW 'end of life' guidelines...translation: ObamaCare.

Within minutes of his leaving when a panty change was needed, Dori started screaming in pain as she was rolled over and started acting like a young child who was being hurt by bullies...this is the abrupt changes in lucidity and personality that are the hallmark of glioblastoma as it eats away at one's brain and destroys who the person is. This is the person...the wife, the mother, and one of my best friend's...that this so-called 'nice and caring' agency doctor determined...contrary to her doctor's orders...that my friend at this point in time did NOT need round-the-clock nursing care or special equipment.

A freakin' SOB who is NOT with her on a daily...on an hourly basis... waltzes in and after a two minute anything but a true medical exam determines that top-notch cancer specialists have the end-of-life time frame wrong since he has seen others in this condition linger for up to a year, and that right now this level of care is NOT needed and thusly would NOT be covered by insurance...insurance she has paid monthly premiums to for well over a decade if NOT longer. And mind you I was in the room holding one of her hands when her doctor...a leading cancer specialist told her and us (her husband and her other dear friend) point blank that she had 2 to 6 weeks of life left...told us as tears ran down his face.

This, my fb friends, is what awaits those whose life is coming to an end thanks to the changes in insurance policies and coverage brought on by the law of land known as ObamaCare. Thankfully, after much discussion with her husband...and her husband also 'discussing' the situation with her case worker...the equipment and nursing care will remain in place until Monday when she will be re-evaluated. Hopefully, that will be the end of it and all will stay...especially the much needed round the clock nursing care and hospital bed...but something tells me NOT to hold my breath. NOT to hold my breath for the truth is that Obama and his namesake anything but health care coverage is really just a way for him and his minions to play God and decide when one's time is up...after all he has to save the money that would be spent on the critically ill and dying and give it to the 'sponges' to 'buy' their votes, and that is a crime like NO other... sad...it's all so sad.

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Malaysia 370...Where are you?

Written by Diane Sori on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher's note:  Unless you live in a cave on Mars, you have to be aware of the unknown fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  This tale has all the makings of a Tom Clancy novel; international intrigue, possible terror, scores of passengers hanging in the balance, exotic locales, and the military might of many nations joined in the fray.  Just like those great Tom Clancy novels, we're probably not going to know any answers until the last few paragraphs of the final chapter are written.  

Until then, all any of us can do is pray, wait, and cling to hope that maybe the 239 souls aboard might somehow be found safe.  In the meantime, Diane Sori has painted a very clear picture of what we know, what we don't know, and even what we don't know that we don't know.  Time will tell.

Diane Sori:  "This is beginning to come together to say that...this had to have been some sort of deliberate act and not a catastrophic failure."  - ABC News aviation analyst John Nance 

As the search area now encompasses the Gulf of Thailand, the South China Sea, the Strait of Malacca, the Andaman Sea, and the Indian Ocean...the game of who knows what...who's hiding what...and why was it done (if indeed the plane was hijacked) continues on. But in play are 239 human lives...lives I believe are still with us and will be used as bargaining chips at some later time....minus the three NOT quite 'kosher' passengers two of whom were Iranians with stolen passports and one-way tickets, and a Chinese Uighur muslim man with flight simulation training.

The mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370...a Boeing 777-200... grows stranger with each passing hour, but it now seems more and more likely that this plane is NOT missing per se, but is on the ground in some foreign country...in some muslim country...possibly to be used to mimic the events of September 11, 2001. 

Click for complete article... 

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Liberalism...feel good intentions, feel bad results

Written by Tim Dunkin on . Posted in Guest Articles

Liberalism is full of conceits, none greater than its pretensions to intellect.  Indeed, the very term that they so often apply to themselves - “progressive” - carries with it the intrinsic claim to being those who advance knowledge, who solve problems, who come up with innovative solutions. Anyone who's ever dealt with liberals for very long knows that they love to pat themselves on the back for being the side that comes up with new ideas, while conservatives are the “stupid ol' sticks-in-the-mud” who want to hang onto failed ideas from the past because of our inability to look ahead.

Yet practical experience and common sense both tell us that this is diametrically the opposite of the way liberals actually are.

If you think about it, what new ideas have liberals really come up with in, say, the last several decades?  The answer to that is “none.”  The answers they give to the “problems” we face today are the same ones they've always promoted – tax more, spend more, multiply social programs, and restrict freedom more and more.  Every idea they have is something that they've already been trying for almost a century before.  Even in Obama’s recent State of the Union address, it was just more of the same ol’ Communist, same ol’ – class warfare rhetoric, social division-making, and promises of yet more government programs that will fail to solve the problems that the previous government programs also failed to solve.  

The American people are frankly getting tired of it all (as evidenced by the fact that his speech on Tuesday had the lowest viewership of any since 2000).  Having seen high-octane, unadulterated liberalism in action for the last six years, it’s no surprise that the American people have studiously kept the House of Representatives in Republican hands (and no, lefties, it isn’t because of gerrymandering).  

Which explains why “Chairman Bao” has to promise to circumvent Congress to force his will upon the American people.  

It’s time for the people of this country to face facts – liberalism is a failed ideology.  It doesn’t work.  Wherever modern liberalism (i.e. post-1913 welfare-statism, not the classical liberalism to which conservatives and liberty-lovers hold), socialism, communism have been tried, they have failed.  They have brought misery to the masses.  They have concentrated wealth and power into the hands of a very small cadre of politically-connected revolutionaries, as well as their Outer Party hangers-on (which is exactly what we’re seeing now between Washington DC and the rest of the country).  The only thing the left wing is good for is spreading misery and enriching itself at our expense.

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