Tick tock, "Clock Boy" is baaaaack...!

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As if there isn’t enough real stuff to worry about…everyone’s favorite sniveling little tick, aka ”clock boy,” aka Ahmed Mohammed is back like a bad penny.  It seems that the smirky little cockroach and his smirky cockroach family aren’t content with the damage they already did a few months back, before his very well-known muslim activist dad decided to relocate the whole brood to Qatar.  Good place for them, if not far enough away in my humble opinion; but I digress. 

In case you missed it, back in September, Ahmed, no doubt prompted/forced by his dad, tore apart an older alarm clock and re-assembled it using a pencil box as a frame.  When he brought the contraption, which he claimed to have built, wires hanging out and all to school, it rightfully caused a bit of a ruckus.  

To be clear, in spite of the assertions of this very little man and his family, it didn’t cause a ruckus because of anything else except that it very closely resembled a home-made bomb.  Anyone with half a functioning brain can see that very clearly.

So now he’s back in the spotlight; not to apologize for putting his school and classmates at risk; not to apologize for putting the nation at additional risk because now most school administrators will be afraid to question whenever anyone named “Ahmed” brings such an ominous looking device to school.  No…he and his family are back because somehow, in the bizarre, upside down world of political correctness we live in, they are demanding an apology and a total of $15M from the Irving, TX authorities.  The demands come with threats including all sorts of civil suits if the town does not comply.

The letter from his attorneys states:

“Let’s face it, if Ahmed’s clock were 'Jennifer’s clock,’ and if the pencil case were ruby red bedazzled with a clear rhinestone skull and crossbones on the cover, this would never have happened,” 

Nothing could be further from the truth.  First of all the parents of a “Jennifer” or “Johnny” would probably not have allowed their child to leave the house with such an ominous looking device, however if they did, their child might very well have been rightfully arrested.  As I mentioned in my original thoughts on this incident, we live in a day and age when a student was suspended for chewing a pop tart into the general shape of what some agenda driven morons thought looked like a pistol; and they locked down the school.

But let some little turdling named “Ahmed” do a dry run and reconstruct a bunch of clock parts in a way that they actually resemble something that could do harm, and suddenly he’s being discriminated against because he happens to be a muslim; because God only knows that no muslims have done anything to raise suspicions in the last 1400 years or so.

That’s really all the time I wish to devote to this stain on society and his family.  Final note though to Ahmed and his family; do you need any help packing, and would you mind taking a whole lot of your brethren with you…?!



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Is POTUS a Duck....?!

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Of late there have been a number of instances where someone has either directly stated that POTUS is a Muslim or doesn’t correct another for making the statement.  Case in point, about a week or so ago, someone stood up at a town hall meeting where Donald Trump was campaigning and stated “We have a problem in this country. It's called Muslims. We know our current president is one….!”  

The media went nuts, as did a lot of politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, Bernie Sanders, Lindsey Graham, and others; not so much because of the statement per se, but because Mr. Trump didn’t “correct” the man for stating a “fallacy” about POTUS.  

I guess the whole thing of correcting “mistakes” about the faith of POTUS got started back during the 2008 campaign when during an interview; George Stephanopoulos, (GS) corrected then Sen. Obama when he said “my Muslim faith.”  As you’ll recall, GS said, “your Christian faith.”  

Regarding the latter situation, Mr. Obama said what he said.  As for the former situation and others like it; just because GS decided to police Mr. Obama’s statement when he made what I would call a Freudian slip, that doesn’t mean anyone else has to. 

Having laid that brief ground work, I have some questions for the media and political elites concerning their almost complete unity in defending POTUS whenever anyone mentions him as a Muslim.   

First of all, why do you all adamantly deny that he almost certainly is a Muslim…?!  Is your denial some sort of rebuke of Islam or are you somehow afraid to come out and admit that this POTUS, by virtue of his actions has lied about his faith all along…?!  Is it maybe because since he has claimed to be Christian, his word is good enough and therefore he absolutely is…?!Of late there have been a number of instances where someone has either directly stated that POTUS is a Muslim or doesn’t correct another for making the statement.  Case in point, about a week or so ago, someone stood up at a town hall meeting where Donald Trump was campaigning and stated “We have a pr

Frankly, any of those scenarios or dozens more reduces all of you to journalistic and political cowards.  If the denial is a slam on Islam and they find out, you know how they’d likely respond; does Daniel Pearl ring a bell…?  As far as the pols, are you simply afraid of losing a few votes…?

If POTUS has been lying, which is very likely to extremely possible if one looks at his upbringing and his actions, why is the “fourth branch of government” so afraid to call him out on it…?  Be they political or not, your job is to report on facts; good, bad, or indifferent. Maybe I’m naïve, but I think you used to do that a long time ago; now it seems that all you do is shape the news to line up with your liberal agenda as surely as the potter forms the clay to create a desired pot or vase, or the bus driver drives his daily route.

Anyway, I thought I’d bring a few things to your attention; y’know, in case you missed them. Maybe you might want to ask yourselves some of these glaring questions.

Would anyone who identifies as a Christian…..

…remove their shoes and pray on a Muslim prayer mat as POTUS has been photographed doing?

…bow to anyone other than Jesus, let alone any Muslim leaders?

…say things like the “…the sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” OR “the future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam” OR make the statement that “…the United States is a Muslim nation...????”

…pen these words right after 9/11, (on page 261 of “The Audacity of Hope”) concerning a comparison of Muslims to interred Japanese during WWII: “…and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction?”

…surround themselves with Muslims and place them in some of the highest positions of national security?

There are countless more instances that I could cite where this POTUS does and says things that no one who identifies as a Christian would ever consider doing or saying.  

I am therefore at a complete loss as to why Donald Trump or anyone else should be expected to correct another when they say “…POTUS is a Muslim;” nor do I understand the media and pols getting their underwear in a bunch over it.

In my life I have said many times that should being a Christian become illegal, I would hope there is enough evidence to throw the book at me and give me the max sentence without so much as a trial.  Using that logic, and if being a Muslim should ever become a crime, I think it is safe to say that there is ample evidence to charge Mr. Obama. 

There is an old saying which I have tweaked to fit and used a lot during the past year or so concerning this issue with POTUS; “…if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks and swims like a duck, and flies like a duck, it’s probably a Muslim.

You think about that. 

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Pop Tarts, "Clocks," and Cretins

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First of all, Ahmed Mohamed didn’t build anything…!  The only thing he did create was a deliberate stir and a bunch of agenda driven media coverage less than a week after we remembered 9/11.  Sadly and I believe very deliberately, there was a different photo published by AOL that was initially circulated and was meant to incite a lot of emotion, and it worked.  However, as the photo below left shows, the actual “clock” was more ominous and threatening looking than the bogus photo.

In case you missed it, the 14 year old middle schooler from Texas that I’m talking about decided he wanted to wow his teachers with a “science project.”  While lots of students that age come up with papier Mache volcanoes, tooth impressions, or maybe even some fossil that has never been seen before, this student decided to assemble, (not build) some pre-manufactured parts that wound up very closely resembling what any reasonable person without an agenda would say looks like a home-made bomb.  He claims he built a “clock” and it didn’t look like a bomb to him.  Maybe he needs stronger glasses…!

In a world where just over a year ago a seven year old boy was suspended from school because he chewed a pop tart so that it sort of resembled a pistol during a lunch break, the applause for Mr. “It didn’t look like a bomb to me” is beyond misplaced.  Here’s why; sadly for those Muslims who do mind their own business, an already overwhelming and growing number of them have created an environment that identifies them with death, destruction and atrocities.  Accordingly, this poorly or maybe not so poorly thought out project has driven another wedge in relations between two cultures.

While some would suggest that the boy was/is simply naïve, I’m not buying it because frankly, at fourteen, it is hard to imagine that he is that clueless.  I’m not about to let his parents off the hook either, because they share the blame and should never have allowed him to leave the house with this very ominous looking contraption.  The potential risks to public safety had anyone reacted as might be expected when something resembling a bomb was displayed are mind numbing.  The boy himself could have been mistakenly shot, or maybe someone might have been injured during any emergency vehicle response.  Either of those or countless other scenarios would have fallen squarely upon the parents’ shoulders.  In short this is not a joking matter.  

Kids have been mistakenly shot because they were holding a paintball gun and didn’t have the sense to drop it when ordered to. 

This “clock” certainly looked enough like a bomb to the first teachers that saw it that this young man was in fact removed from the class where upon the police were called in and he was arrested, if only temporarily.  

Temporarily because, and here’s where I’ll get in hot water, it turns out that this young man is a Muslim, and apparently under no set of circumstances or conditions in the America of Obama does a 14 year old Muslim boy who assembles such an ominous looking device receive anything except applause from the likes of Hillary Clinton, FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and POTUS who tweeted it was a “cool clock.”  

The boy now has an invite to the White House; not to mention a reach out to enroll and I’ll bet a scholarship from MIT.  I might add, if a kid name Johnny “Notamuslim” had assembled this “clock” and brought it to school, he not only wouldn’t be getting the red carpet treatment, he and his parents would rightfully be up to their necks in criminal charges.  

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Megyn Kelly has some egg on her face...

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I cannot let this slide by.  There has been a lot of noise lately about a comment that Donald Trump made that was totally blown out of proportion by Megyn Kelly and the Trump haters.  

So I ask you, while the whole short video linked below is laced with sexist commentary back and forth between HS, MK, and Robin Quivers; listen to this interview between her and Howard Stern from 2010 and wait for the 6:00 minute mark.  

Howard had been dogging her regarding what she makes at Fox and she wouldn't say, prompting him to take a guess; at which point she asked, "...how much would you pay me?"  Without even blinking he replied, "...oh you, for what?"

Work with me here; how is that very non-veiled reply not egregiously more offensive than anything DT has said?  I was going to label it a double entendre, but there was no mistaking the intent of the question, even if thrown out as a "joke."  If she were a lady, she shouldn't have allowed the interview to go down the path it was headed from the get go, and she certainly should have ended it on that very tasteless remark.

Cutie Pie Megyn has some 'splainin' to do.

Click here for video...

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Garland, TX...testing America's resolve

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I’ve been thinking about what took place in Garland, TX over the weekend, and I’ve been listening to the talking heads and pundits, “conservative” and “liberal” alike.  I expected the left to spew their normal pandering drivel, because somehow they still think we can all just sit around a campfire and sing “kumbaya” with people that would slice our heads off.  What surprises me is the coddling posture taken by some in the “conservative” camp.  I won’t honor them by mentioning their names, however the comments have ranged from things like, “…it didn’t prove anything,” “…it didn’t serve any purpose,” “…it could have gone horribly wrong,” and lots of other nonsense.  

I beg to differ.  It served to prove that there are some people in our country that do not respect our laws and Constitution.  It showed that our press, some of the people that have the most to lose, think that the rest of us should put the 1st Amendment on hold so as not to “entice anyone to violence.”  What a crock!  The truth is that the press has become scared to death of one particular group because many members of that group are known to become enraged to the point of violent murder if someone so much as mentions bacon and the koran in the same sentence, let alone draw a picture of mohammed.  

Those same gutless wonders in the media not only didn’t mind when a bust of Jesus was put in a urine filled jar and called art; no sir, they all pointed to the 1st Amendment.  The truth is, it didn’t bother them much because they know that Christians, while we despise such things, aren’t of the mindset to do violence and murder because of it.  What point did that depiction make you fake heroes of the media?

Beyond the obvious and shallow cowardice in the media I have this to say to all muslims, jihadi or not.  

How dare you?!  How dare you that call yourselves peaceful allow such animals to run amok in your communities while you do nothing?!  How dare you infiltrate our culture and schoolbooks with your lies and propaganda?!  You don’t like us in the US and the West, we get that.  

While you commit or simply allow by your gutless silence some of the most unspeakable, heinous, demonic atrocities ever witnessed in the history of mankind in the name of your god, you refer to our ally Israel as the “little satan,” and the United States as the “big satan.”  The list of terror acts committed against we in the west by men and women shouting “allahu ackbar” dates back to the very beginnings of the United States when your pirates were attacking our ships on the Barbary Coast.  As witness to that, our Marines are still called “Leathernecks” to this day because they had to wear thick leather neck protection to prevent those pirates, who were muslims, from decapitating them.  

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