Strong Tea in South Carolina

Written by Bill Finlay on . Posted in Wild Bill for America

Publisher’s note:  There is not a whole lot I can add to this brilliant speech delivered by Wild Bill this past weekend at the Tea Party Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Bill drove home a lot of solid points. So sit back and listen to Bill’s thoughts on how we can take back America.


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A Christian Patriot, a cat, and a man named Tony

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Wild Bill for America

Publisher’s note:  My friend Wild Bill has made an eloquent point with this video, and I wanted to expand on it for just a moment.

Bill’s neighbor and friend Tony, by all accounts, is in fact very near physical death via the dreaded disease of cancer.  What too many don’t or refuse to accept is that every one of us is near death and dying from the inescapable cancer known as sin, which is what caused “death” in the first place.  

While some of the physical cancers we experience are treatable and in some cases curable by modern medicine and can keep us alive for a while until we finally succumb to something else, there is only one cure for the cancer of sin.  

That cure comes from the Great Healer Himself.  We can’t buy it since the price has already been paid and it is free for the asking, we can’t do anything to earn it, and we certainly don’t deserve it, however it is available today and anyone who doesn’t have “the cure” can get it right now, this very moment, wherever you are.  

All you need to do is humble yourself to Him.  Call out to Him and talk to Him In your own words and acknowledge Him, and ask Him to come into your life.  From there, He will do the rest.  

My friends, you may have heard the message of the Gospel a few times, many times, or never…but I pray that Tony and you let this be the day and moment that you accept the free gift of Eternal Life offered only by Jesus the Christ. 

By the way, don’t let Bill kid you, he really does like the cat.  

You may view the video here…



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Jihad in America

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Publisher's note:  As always, Wild Bill nails this issue in a very clear, concise manner that even liberals should be able to figure out.  It's too bad that most of our elected officials are afraid to speak out as Bill does...with facts and common sense.

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Wild Bill speaks about the murdered NYC Police Officers

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Wild Bill for America

Wild Bill said exactly what I would have said except I added one name. Four men, NYC Mayor DiBlasio, Al Sharpton, AG Holder, and POTUS who has allowed his AG t run rampant. These men have the blood of these officers on their hands, and more are sure to die if these men aren’t taken to task.

May these officers rest in Eternal Peace.

Click here for Bill’s late night video…



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