We're drowning in debt....save the Sage Grouse!!

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Publisher’s note:  I really believe that POTUS must have some sort of standing orders in the WH to bring him a daily dose of nonsense that he can choose from to twist into his destructive agenda.  

At a time when we are, among other things, near financial ruin and in desperate need of being energy independent, they found another critter to save that prevents the tapping of our resources.  

I guess it’s understandable though.  I cannot remember the last time I was at a social gathering when the plight of the Greater Sage Grouse wasn’t on everyone’s mind.  

Give me a break!

Fox News:  The Obama administration disclosed plans Thursday to preserve the habitat of the imperiled greater sage grouse in 10 Western states that would include placing limits on oil and natural gas drilling.

The proposal would be the federal government's biggest land-planning effort to date for conservation of a single species. The regulations would require oil and gas wells to be clustered in groups of a half-dozen or more to avoid scattering them across habitat of the greater sage grouse. 

Drilling near breeding areas would be prohibited during mating season, and power lines would be moved away from prime habitat to avoid serving as perches for raptors that eat sage grouse.

The new measures would apply to federal lands in California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

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Speaker "pot" Boehner calling out the "kettle" again

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Publisher’s note:  I have to say it; Speaker of the House John Boehner has a knack for calling the kettle black.  Just about a year ago, the pompous speaker decided to label Edward Snowden a traitor and I blasted him for it in this article.  

The jury is still out on Mr. Snowden's status as a traitor, but Mr. Speaker, you are still not one to throw stones.  

Mr. Speaker, you actually have the gonads to get upset with the leadership of the VA?!  Your underwear is really all in a wad because “Just one person has been fired.  One.”  Really?!  Who have you fired that needs it?!

John…John, John, John!  Give a listen; like so many in DC, you need to wake up and smell the fed up!  

Since long before shall I say the less than honest election of 2012, and throughout the whole election cycle of 2014, We the People have screamed for answers and change.  We overwhelmingly voted in the “party of conservatives” by not only keeping your precious majority in the House, but also giving you back the majority in the Senate.

We gave you a mandate to finally start doing what We the People demanded you do.  Not only are we no better off since you got “all the power,” we are getting worse off by the day.  Instead of stopping the worst and most treasonous POTUS in our history, you continue to give him free “reign.”  

Do you think we didn’t notice that the new AG is absolutely no different than the old?  Not her race, mind you, but her ideology.  Do you think that the vast majority of Americans that are looking for real leadership don’t notice all the other stuff?!  Do you think the vast majority of us are not scared to death that our nation is on a rapid moral decline and you in government are literally bringing the wrath of God upon us?!  Just so you can get re-elected?!  

In just a few short days SCOTUS is going to rule on the whole “gay marriage” thing; no one really expects them to do any less than kick that door of our moral decline more ajar.  In the span of a mere handful of years we have gone from DOMA to “No” MA and our government on every level has let us down for the sake of keeping their cushy jobs.  

Do us all a favor Mr. Speaker and Mr. McConnell…give that House Gavel and Majority seat to someone with some testosterone.  And try to do it without crying.  Yeesh.

Here’s what got my underwear in a bunch…

Fox News:  House Speaker John Boehner tore into Veterans Affairs leadership Wednesday, alleging that nearly a year after then-Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned amid the scandal over veterans care, his successors have done little to fix the agency -- or even discipline those involved in the wait-times crisis. 

"Just one person has been fired. One," Boehner said in a scathing House floor speech. "What the hell happened to the rest of them? " 

He appealed for the agency to take care of America's veterans as well as they take care "of the bureaucrats." 

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Oldest Vet still going strong at 109

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Publisher’s note:  “Mighty fine at 109” indeed.  At 109, Richard Overton is officially America’s oldest living veteran.  During WWII, he answered the call of duty and served from 1942-1945 in the Pacific.

These days he keeps himself busy by working around “the yards” doing whatever he can to keep moving, and he still fires up 12 cigars a day.  

The Patriots Press joins the rest of America in wishing Mr. Overton a very special Happy Birthday. Thank you for you service sir.

Fox News:  Richard Overton feels a "little stiff" from time to time and he's cut out the whiskey but other than that, he feels pretty good.  Not bad for America's oldest living military veteran, who turned 109 on Monday.

“I get around pretty good, just get a little stiff. I'm doing all right, I guess," Overton told FoxNews.com, as he waited at his Austin, Texas, home for a car to pick him up to take him to meet Gov. Greg Abbott.

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Escaped Bison put down

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Publisher’s note:  While I recognize the potential danger such a situation poses, I still look at this as a tragedy. The animals got loose and began wandering, and Bison are very unstable creatures and can be very dangerous. I only hope they don’t go to waste and are rendered properly.

Fox News:  “Three men hired by the farm were cleared to open fire Friday afternoon in a stream in woods in the town of Coeymans, about 10 miles south of the capital.

Police say the decision was made after experts agreed tranquilizers would not be effective and no portable corrals could hold the animals.”

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Maine Governor to crack down on welfare abuse

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Publisher’s note:  Finally a common sense piece of work on the kind of issue that really bothers hard working Americans that foot the bills for welfare abuses.  Maine Governor Paul LePage has unveiled some new reforms that would place tough restrictions on Welfare and EBT cards.  

While I don’t know if my personal complaint will be part of the package, I have always been a proponent of restricting certain food items such as delicacies, high end cuts of meat, soda, pet food, and other luxury items.

Fox News:  Maine Gov. Paul LePage's tough proposals, unveiled earlier this month, would prohibit using welfare benefits to buy alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets and tattoos. LePage also wants to require applicants to apply for three jobs before being eligible, and ban the use of EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cards to withdraw cash outside of Maine. 

Kansas Republican Gov. Sam Brownback last week signed similar legislation, banning benefits for everything from booze to concerts to lingerie. 

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