Dinesh D'Souza's "Hillary's America" A Must See Movie

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Brilliant…!  That is the word that kept coming to my mind during and after seeing Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, “Hillary’s America” this evening.

From the very beginning of the movie, Dinesh carefully explains what he learned when sent to prison over a political donation.  The sentence was of course a political hit on him and an attempt to silence him; and I dare say those who set him up would have done the happy dance if he’d ‘accidentally’ been killed in prison.

He was not though and took the time to learn the tactics of gangs, small and large, and how they employ the same basic methods.  He then weaved this new found knowledge throughout the movie showing how Hillary and Bill Clinton, and the Democrat party have risen to power on the backs of the very people they have duped into believing they are helping.

There is nothing really “new” to be gleaned from the movie as everything has been right in front of all of us for generations; Dinesh has simply compiled all of the facts and information into a concise, easy to understand narrative which uncovers the deception.

That narrative begs me to make the following challenge to everyone, everywhere.  Before you decide to wave it off as some sort of ‘right wing propaganda,’ or anything else, and whether you love or hate Hillary Clinton, especially if you identify as any sort of minority; take some time over the next several days or so and see this movie.  Check the facts put forth by Mr. D’Souza.  Then ask yourself honestly if your ideology lines up with hers and her political party.  

My friends, this is the most critical election in the history of these United States.  There are two candidates to select from and it is incumbent upon every one of us to make sure the decision we make in November is a well-educated one.  The future of our way of life, our nation and our children rests on how we choose as a nation. 

Please visit this website for details about the movie and where it is playing in your area, and for advance tickets.



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War Room....A review

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Spiritual Warfare.  It’s a term that is bandied about a lot these days. On one level or another, whether they completely understand it or not, most people can grasp the basic concept of it. Few understand that we are constantly caught in the middle of it and are the target of it.  Even less really know what they can do about it.

That’s where the Kendrick Brothers come in.  Known for inspirational Christian based movies such as Courageous, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, and others, they pulled out all the stops once again in this powerful movie that builds on the only weapon we have to combat the spiritual warfare we face every day.

Whether that warfare presents itself in our marriages, dealing with our children, the workplace, our churches even, or anywhere else; the answer is prayer.  Sincere focused prayer…one on one and corporate discussions with the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

And that is the solid message of War Room.  Without giving away the whole movie, War Room focuses on the struggles facing one family that on the outside have all the elements of success; great jobs, cars, beautiful home, beautiful daughter, etc.  

However, until the day when Elizabeth Jordan meets a new client named Clara, everything seems hopeless.  Clara is the prayer warrior that all prayer warriors can look up to.  She is at once hilarious, focused, and has the spirit filled ability to hear and see below the surface; and she takes Elizabeth under her wing, teaches her how to let go and let God do His work.  And Clara has a special secret.  A secret she shares with Elizabeth and a secret that the Kendrick Brothers share with all of us who understand and are willing to apply it in our own lives.  It’s a simple secret, but one you’ll have to see the movie to grasp and appreciate.

Elizabeth resists a bit at first, and then we see her recognizing how broken she really is, how she finds herself faced with the reality that when all you have left is Jesus, you realize that He is all you needed in the first place.  

We also get a look into Tony Jordan’s life.  Successful, goal oriented, and blind-sided by the many daily temptations that his career puts in his path, Tony also runs face to face with the reality that he is about to lose everything that is important.

Of course, the lives of everyone in this too short movie are put back together, however the real gist is this; all of us need to understand that, in spite of what the culture would have us believe, prayer works.  We sometimes don’t like His answer or His timing, but He has every jot and tittle under control.  Some of our prayers are answered only after we leave this temporary existence, and we just have to trust Him and have faith that He knows what is best.

War Room opens on August 28, 2015 in theaters everywhere.  To learn more and watch the trailer, CLICK HERE.

To learn more and be involved in hosting a screening, CLICK HERE.

Until then…consider these scriptures.  

”Pray without ceasing”…1 Thessalonians 5:17


“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land”… 2 Chronicles 7:14

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'Lend Me A Tenor'

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Since I don’t get to live theatre very often, I tend to forget how much I really do prefer it to seeing a movie, not that I see that many movies really, but I digress.  

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to take in a little local theatre and saw 'Lend me a Tenor’ which could be sub-titled, 'a funny thing happened on the way to the opera,' performed by a troupe of very talented, and I would say Broadway bound, young people at the American Heritage School of Boca/Delray.  The first thing I noticed was the intimate size of the venue, which was a 'black box,’ and seated perhaps 100 or so.  

From the opening scene that prepares the audience for the entrance of 'World Famous Opera Singer Tito Merelli,’ the show was a laugh fest with more interwoven themes than a big basket full of little baskets.

We see Maggie, (played by Madison Spear) who is the not so faithful girlfriend of Max, (himself an aspiring Opera Singer, played by Joshua Lerner) swooning over the very thought of being in the same city, let alone the same room with Tito.  Then of course we are delighted by the conniving, used car salesman-like Mr. Saunders who is the GM of the Cleveland Opera House, and wants only to get the show over and done with and send 'Tito’ packing on the next out bound train.  From this comedic chaos comes one of the funniest lines in the show, when 'Julia,’ (Bridget Kelly) the Chair of the Opera Guild shows up in glittering formal array topped with a sparkling Tiara and 'Mr. Saunders’ suggests she resembles the Chrysler Building.  And there is yet another element added when 'Diana,’ a vampish soprano who is determined to have her way with Tito asks Max to deliver an undeliverable message to him via an impassioned kiss that would have made Burt Lancaster in 'From here to Eternity’ blush. 

Enter the 'Merelli’s,’ stage left!  'Tito,’ (Anthony Coons) enters the room feeling under the weather from the road and over-eating with hysterically near crazy, sex starved, and neurotic wife 'Maria,’ (Taylor Capizola) by his side.  When people wonder why he over-ate to the point of sickness, 'Maria’ informs us as animatedly as possible, "…because he wants to grow…bazzooms.”  When he spurns her advances in the next comedic moment, the audience, (especially those of us of Italian Heritage) just lost it in laughter.

From there, the show centers on the main theme of finding a replacement for the now 'dead’ Tito, Max and Mr. Saunders trying to hide the 'death,’ added to the mixed themes of Maggie and Diana both trying to figure how to be with Tito; Max and Mr. Saunders conspiring to have Max play Tito’s role; the 'Bell Hop,’ (Amos Jackson III) trying to figure it all out while getting Tito’s autograph; Maria confronting Diana when she finds her in the bedroom closet; and rumors of Tito running around town in a 'madman’ craze that includes punching a police officer while trying to get back into the show.  All of this brilliant chaos comes to a hilarious head when the cast catches up in the final scene and they all realize their own deceptions, how they intermingle, and how they play off of each other with no-one admitting the scam.

And then, just in case anyone missed anything, the entire performance is recreated during a very different encore in an 80 second, laugh out loud funny re-cap of the highlights of the show.

'Lend Me A Tenor’ was an unqualified triumph for the students, the school, and the staff of American Heritage, and not wanting this show to end, I cannot wait to see the next offering by this very talented group of one day theatrical stars.  

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5 Conservative Films to Watch and Share

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First, a few caveats. This is merely a place to start, not an all-inclusive list. Building on my post about how to rescue pop culture from progressives, specifically #6 — Start Your Own Film Festival — I thought I’d follow up with some suggestions to help you get started. I’ve seen and/or reviewed all of them, which include three of the documentaries of Stephen K. Bannon, a Hallmark movie and a major motion picture.

So invite over some friends (especially the apolitical or misinformed ones), pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy as you help them transform from low-information voters to defenders of the republic. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, organize a monthly “movie night” at your place of worship, local school auditorium or other public venue to reach as many people as possible in your community.


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Les Misérables Delivers

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Les Misérables delivers from Victor Hugo's 1862 novel to stage musical to the motion picture screen has now come alive as never before on the big screen.  With a cast of stars known more for their popular culture films than musical talents, Les Misérables brings some of Hollywood's best into roles that entertain even the faint musical fans.

The film revolves around the redemptive life of convict Jean Valjean played by Hugh Jackman and the lifelong quest of prison guard Javert played by Russell Crowe.  Javert is obsessed with finding and punishing Jean Valjean for breaking his parole.

As the lives of the characters wind throughout the setting in France's 1800s era, we meet Fantine played by Anne Hathaway and her illegitimate daughter Cosette who forever changes Jean Valjean as he redeems himself by caring for Cosette in a promise to the dying Fantine.

The emotional performance of Hathaway's fall from grace and dignity to ensure her daughter's care is by far one of the best performances of the film.

Other notable performances are Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen as the shady innkeepers, the Thernardiers.  Providing musical entertainment and comic relief, both Carter and Cohen make an excellent pairing in their roles.

Be prepared for excitement, laughter and tears in this beautifully produced film.  It is at the end of the day a musical, however even if you're not a fan, Les Misérables offers a great production that takes the musical stage to a greater level through film.

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